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Customize Your Ride with Premium Custom Wheels and Suspension Spare Parts

Welcome to our website, the ultimate destination for custom automotive parts enthusiasts. We specialize in providing top-quality custom wheels and suspension spare parts to transform your vehicle into a personalized masterpiece. With our wide range of options and superior craftsmanship, you can elevate your ride to new heights.
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Custom Wheels:
Our collection of custom wheels offers endless possibilities to enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle. From sleek and sophisticated designs to bold and aggressive styles, we have the perfect custom wheels to suit your taste and preferences. Crafted with precision using premium materials, our custom wheels not only enhance the aesthetics but also optimize the handling and control of your vehicle.

Suspension Spare Parts:
We understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable ride, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of suspension spare parts. Whether you need to upgrade your suspension system for enhanced performance or replace worn-out components, we have the high-quality spare parts you need. From suspension bushings and control arms to shocks and struts, our selection ensures optimal stability, control, and comfort on the road.

Unrivaled Customization:
At our shop, we believe in bringing your vision to life. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in customizing auto parts to suit your specific requirements. With our expertise, we can meticulously tailor the design, finish, and fitment of your custom wheels and suspension parts, ensuring a seamless integration with your vehicle. Immerse yourself in the creative process, and let us customize your ride to reflect your unique style.

Premium Quality and Performance:
We take pride in offering only the highest quality products. Our custom wheels and suspension spare parts are crafted with precision and undergo rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance, durability, and safety. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that our products will withstand the demands of the road, providing a superior driving experience for years to come.

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Elevate Your Ride - Custom Wheels and Suspension Spare Parts Tailored to Your Style Personalize Your Vehicle - Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Auto Parts Unleash Performance - Step Up Your Suspension Game with Premium Spare Parts
CNC mill shop
Available Drawings Format
stp, step, igs, iges, x_t, sat, stl, sldxml, prt, ipt, dxf, dwg, PDF, jpg, jpeg, png, etc.
Raw Material 1. metal:aluminum: 2024,5052,6061,6063,6082,7075 etc.
Steel: carbon steel (No.10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45...80).etc.
alloy steel (15Cr,20Cr,42CrMo) and other etc.
Stainless steel: 201,202,301,302,303,304,316,317,420,430,440,630 etc.
Brass,copper,bronze:H62,H65.H90,HA177-2,HPb59-1, HSn70-1 etc.
Titanium:TA1 ,TA2,TA3,TA4,TA5,TC1,TC2,TC3,TC4,TC5 etc.
2. plastic: ABS,POM,PE,PP,PVC,PC,PMMA,PPS,nylon,acrylic,bakelite etc.
3. others: carbon fiber,fiberglass, wood, hard rubber,PU, etc.
Manufacturing Service CNC machining,milling,turning,grinding, wire EDM cutting,cnc prototype/jig/fixture,laser cutting,other metal fabrication,like
Stamping,Bending,Casting.etc.CNC Machine parts USA
Tolerance highest = +/-0.005mm or +/- 0.0002 inch
Surface Roughness Ra0.4 (milled or turned without polishing or grinding)
Finish polishing,mirror polishing,brushing, sandblasting, heat treatment etc.
Surface Treatment anodizing,blackening,electroplating(zinc,nickel,chrome),electrophoresis, painting,powder coating,passivate,carburize etc.
Logo laser engraving, CNC engraving, screen-printing etc.

Products Details
CNC machining service CNC Machine parts USA
Quotation According to your drawing(size, material, thickness, processing content, and required technology, etc)
Tolerance丨Surface Roughness +/-0.005 - 0.01mm 丨 Ra0.2 - Ra3.2(Custonize avaiable)
Materials Avaiable Aluminum, Copper, Stainless steel, Iron, etc.
Surface Treatment Polishing, general/hard/color oxidation, surface chamfering, tempering, etc.
Processing CNC Turning, Milling parts, drilling, auto lathe, surface treatment, etc.
Testing Equipment CMM/Tool microscope/multi-joint arm/Automatic height gauge/Manual height gauge/Dial gauge/Roughness measurement
Drawing Formats .pdf / .dwg / .igs / .stp / .step
Our Advantages 1.) 24 hours online service & Quickly Quote/Delivery. 
2.) 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, and can provide quality
inspection form.
3.) 18+ years of experience in the CNC machining area and have a senior design team to offer perfect modification suggestions.
CNC Machine parts USA
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