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  • custom silicone mold
  • custom silicone mold

EasoonMade: Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Silicone Molds

Welcome to EasoonMade, your one-stop destination for custom silicone molds. We specialize in helping you bring your creative ideas to life with our high-quality and customizable silicone molds. Whether you're a professional artisan or a DIY enthusiast, our molds enable you to craft unique and personalized items with ease. Explore the endless possibilities of silicone molding and unlock your creative potential with EasoonMade.
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  • custom silicone mold
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Please do not place an order directly.Please provide the
3D drawing file or sample you need to customize and
then give you a quotation

Custom Silicone Molds:
At EasoonMade, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer custom silicone molds tailored to your exact specifications. Our experienced team works closely with you to create molds that perfectly translate your design into a finished product. Whether you need molds for candles, soaps, chocolates, resin crafts, or any other creative endeavor, we have the expertise and resources to deliver top-notch silicone molds that capture every intricate detail.

High-Quality and Durable:
We pride ourselves on providing silicone molds that meet the highest quality standards. Our molds are made from premium silicone materials that are food-grade, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. With their excellent flexibility and heat resistance, our molds ensure easy demolding and long-lasting durability. Create stunning and precise creations time after time with EasoonMade's superior silicone molds.

Before offer the price.Get the quote simply by
completing and submitting the form below:
•Attached 2D or 3D design(Weaccept IGS, IGES,STP,
Toget a quote,a 3D model in [.STP/STL/OBJ]format is
Here're 3 ways to send files to us for quotation:
1.Website:Upload files for a manual quotation at
2.Email:Send your 3D design and requirements to
info[at][email protected] to add thepre fix
[Etsy] or [FromEtsy] in the title!
3.Etsy Message with Cloud drive:You can send sharable
clouddrive links likeGoogleDrive/Dropbox/Wetransfer
directly here.
Main services Prototypes,Mold design, Mold making, Mold tesing, low volume/ high volume plastic production
Design Software UG,Pro E Solidwork,AutoCAD, etc
Core&Cavity Material Steel, H13, S-7,P20,718,2738,NAK80,718H, S136, etc
Mold base HASCO ,DME ,LKM,JLS standard
Mould Cavity Singe or multi cavity
Mold strandard parts DME, HASCO, etc.
Runner Hot runner, Cold runner
Hot Runner Brand Yudo/ Mastip/ HASCO/ DME/ MOLD-MASTER…etc
Mold cold runner Side gate,Sub gate,Pin point Gate...
Mold surface EDM, texture, high gloss polishing
Hardness of the steel 20~60 HRC
plastic Injection Machine 10sets,110T,140T,160T, 200T,260T,320T
Plastic Material PP,Pa6,ABS,PE,PC,POM,PVC, PET,PS,TPE/TPR etc,Silicone
MOQ 1set for mold ,plastic products as per your request
Mold Life 300000-500000 shots as per customers' requirement
Inspection As customers’ requirements
Delivery Air cargo, Sea shipping
Lead time 25-45 workdays based on the different products
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